Thornhill Challenge Salver

When St. Neot AFC reformed back in the 2021/22 season the first job was to find friendlies. The first game after the re-formation was against Downderry Rovers, a veterans side who played at Lantoom Park, Dobwalls.

The resultant friendly (to which the current Saints secretary Matt Thornhill had to referee) was a goal fest, to which Saints lost 9-5.

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About the Trophy:

Many years prior to the restarting of St Neot, the Secretary of St. Neot AFC, Matt Thornhill, decided to try and establish an annual competition between his old club Westbury United and his then current club Dobwalls AFC. Unfortunately due to a number of factors, including Covid, the games never took place, which therefore meant Matt had a spare trophy kicking about.

It seemed a pity to waste the plate, and Mrs Thornhill was getting tired of it being sat on a shelf collecting dust. It was therefore decided that to celebrate the fact St. Neot was going from strength to strength and re issue the challenge to Downderry to try and avenge the 1st result.

Downderry Rovers accepted…

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