Walking Football Coming to St. Neot?

We are looking at the possibility of starting ‘Walking Football’ team here at St. Neot AFC for those who thinks their playing days are far behind them.

Dust off those old boots

Walking football is for you, if you want to play and you’re over 40, looking to lose weight, get fit and healthy or JUST GET BACK PLAYING!

It can be 5v5, 6v6 or 7v7, so we can still get out on the pitch and have a laugh.

Walking football offers a multitude of health benefits to older people, and its what we at St. Neot are all about, making football accessible to our wider community.

We’re asking for expressions of interest from men and women, who would be interested in playing, so we can see whether we can go forward with this project.

Contact via our Facebook, Twitter or email: